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Whilst there are many different reasons for sagging breasts (weight changes, breastfeeding, breast size and gravity) a breast lift can help to restore a natural look, giving the patient balanced, perfectly proportioned breasts.


The breast lift is a procedure performed under general anaesthetic that takes up to two hours to complete. During the surgery, the breast tissue is reshaped, excess skin is removed and the nipple is placed into the correct position. The breasts are reshaped to ensure that they are balanced and symmetrical.

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Surgery Time
3-3.5 hours
Hospital Stay
Reasonable Mobility
Sexual Activity
Full Recovery
Sleeping on back
Time off work
5 days excluding eyes
1 Night
After 6 weeks
After 1 day
After 2 weeks
6 weeks
1 week
2 weeks
10 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Surgical Method

Dr Celikkaya will advise the patient on the most suitable technique to use in order to achieve the ideal result. Factors that can influence the methodology used include; the size and weight of the breast, the position of the breast wall, and whether or not an implant is required to add volume to the breast. All of these factors will be discussed with Dr Celikkaya during the consultation process. If the nipple needs to be repositioned during the surgery, the nipple will not be detached, preserving all sensation and the functionality of the milk ducts.

Guidlines for Surgery

The following guidelines apply for all types of surgery Use of all blood thinners should be stopped (under guidance from Dr Celikkaya) Smoking should stop from the date of the operation until 10-14 days after the treatment. Any activities that will increase blood pressure should also be halted. In most cases you will be able to return home on the day of your surgery This surgery is performed under general anaesthetic Some scarring underneath the breast is to be expected, over time this scars become much less visible and are hidden beneath the fold of the breast. If additional incisions are required Dr Celikkaya will discuss these with the patient during the consultation process If implants are used they are considered to be for life and do not need to be removed even for future pregnancies and the implant does not interfere with the functionality of the breast Any post-operative pain felt is usually mild and can be managed using simple painkillers. Any discomfort should subside within a few days. Patients can begin to shower after 2-3 three days (once the initial dressings have been removed) Some bruising and oedema is to be expected A support or sports bra will need to be worn for at least three weeks after surgery, and Dr Celikkaya will advise the patient of the most suitable type In depth research has shown that the use of breast implants does not increase the risk of breast cancer in any way Driving should be avoided for the first 10 days after surgery Results are considered to be permanent as long as a healthy weight is maintained

Before Breast Lift Surgery

We always recommend patients have a breast ultrasound before a breast a lifting operation. Patients should avoid using blood thinners such as aspirin and painkillers containing ibuprofen and flu medicine for at least one week before surgery. It is also recommended not to consume substances known as blood thinners such as Vitamin E ginseng, green tea, herbal teas and flax seeds. Patients should stop smoking at least one week before surgery.

After Breast Lift Surgery

We recommend use of sports bras for 6 weeks after breast lift surgery. Mild pain can be experienced in the first days after the operation but this is easily controlled by simple painkillers.

Does breast lift surgery prevent breastfeeding?

In breast lifting surgery, ducts are not disturbed as the nipples are not disconnected from the breasts. Having this operation therefore will not prevent breastfeeding.

In what kind of situations is a breast lifting surgery necessary, can sagging be eliminated only with implants?

Although it is not a common situation, it is possible to fill the breast tissue and lift the nipple to a slightly higher location. The purpose of breast prosthesis is not to lift the breast but to augment it only.

Are the results of breast lift surgery permanent?

It is possible to obtain permanent results in breast lifting surgeries. The shape of the chest will set fully in the 3 months after surgery. In time, the form may naturally change with aging and gravity. For the best longterm results, patients should maintain a healthy weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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