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The idea for the procedure was prompted by an old Hollywood trick in which actresses used tape to pull slackened skin upward, taking great pains to hide the tape with hair or wigs.

“The unique feature of the “One-Stitch Face Lift” is that it uses your own loose skin at the level of the sideburn, which has been de-epithelialized, tunneled, and anchored through another small incision in the temporal area. It’s a sort of a natural lift, without the insertion of any external threads that could possibly be palpable, get infected, or just give in. If you place your fingers on your cheeks and pull up, you can get an idea of what the effect will be.


This is a great procedure for patients concerned about downtime. Considered a true lunchtime lift, it is performed under local anesthesia with no sedation – so you can drive yourself there and back with no problem.


Many patients go back to work the next day. Swelling is minimal, and there is no bruising. The only area that shows any sign of surgery is the sideburn, and in a week or two it will be almost imperceptible.


Adding that the “One-Stitch Face Lift” is proving to produce a longer-lasting result than the much-touted thread lift and in the end it all comes down to technique.

The technique is essential to creating a positive result and because this procedure uses the patient’s own skin to anchor the lift and hold the tissue in place, the longevity of the result is vastly superior and results are more natural.

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